Guides and instructions

During registration, choose a target language that you are familiar with to help us to translate the UI. The user interface includes menus, dialog boxes, character strings and toolbars. Some parts will be displayed with the corresponding screenshots.

Registered users are allowed to vote for the translated language packages, but only for the target language that you chose when you registered. In addition,

  • For each translation, you can only cast a ballot.
  • The ballot for each new translation will be counted from 1.
  • The ballot for your translation will be reset to 1 if you make any changes to it.

In this translation system, you can search for original packages with source languages, translations with target languages, as well as those incomplete translations that are waiting for you to finish.

To perform a search in the multi-language translation system quickly, we have sorted all the items in different ways. Users can search for anything by products, languages, or keywords, etc.

To export a translation, you must score above 50 voting points or 100 activity points. Please note that the language packages which are less than 80% finished may be unavailable to download.

Each language package has an extension .xml. To export a translation, you will have two choices: exporting a translation with each item getting the highest votes, and exporting a translation with each item translated by yourself. Based on the former choice, the translation you exported can be downloaded by other users, while the latter choice doesn't.

To download the latest language packages, please click here:

Please right-click the download link and then choose the "Save Target As" option. If you choose to click on the download link, your web browser will open the xml file automatically, in which case, go to "File" > "Save As..." in the web browser. Please note that you should put the language file in the same directory where the FoxitReader.exe exists.